I offer piano lessons for all ages, levels and abilities, and aim to create an inspiring, nurturing and fun environment.

My mission is to give each student an enjoyment, appreciation and love of music and a mastery of keyboard skills, while developing self-esteem, discipline and creativity.

Children can begin piano lessons when they are able to control their fingers and to listen attentively to short melodies, usually at the age of 5 or 6.

I offer 30 minute, 45 minute or hour long lessons.

30-minute Lesson: $35.00 per student

45-minute Lesson: $45.00 per student

60-minute Lesson: $60.00 per student

Students will receive 37 lessons during the year. The year is divided into 3 terms with 14 lessons in Fall Term, and 12 lessons in the Winter Term and 11 lessons in the Spring Term.

Alongside lessons, students will participate in a minimum of four Performance Classes during the year. These classes are for students only and are a wonderful opportunity for students to share the pieces they are working on, and become familiar with the experience of performing in preparation for the Year End Recital.

The methods I use for my teaching are:

The Piano Adventures Series:


The Royal Conservatory Program including Piano Repertoire, Piano Etudes, Sight and Ear Training, Technique and Theory:

img_0510Here are some of my delightful students at different year end Recitals:




2 responses to “Lessons

  1. Jay Roberts

    I’m interested in piano lessons for my 11 year old son. Do you go to the home or is it virtual?


    • Hi Jay,
      Thanks for your interest in lessons. I mostly teach out of my home since restrictions lifted last month. It is challenging to teach beginners on line. Where in Toronto do you live?


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